Villa Maggona is strategically located at the nerve centre of tourist activities in the Western Province of Sri Lanka. This location is ideal for guests to experience a variety of activities and sights. Most of these are within an hour or hour and a half of travel time and hence perfect for day trips.

Here is some of what is on offer:

  • The historic Galle Fort with its quaint shops and many restaurants is a must visit for visitors to Sri Lanka. It is about an hour’s drive from VM. Galle Fort is a popular venue for fairs and exhibitions.
  • Water skiing, scuba diving and jet skis are only 15 minutes away at the Bentota Lagoon.
  • The neighbouring town of Beruwela, a 10 minute drive away, is the Sri Lankan hub for the cutting and polishing of locally mined precious stones.
  • The capital city Colombo, with its amazing variety of shops, restaurants and shopping malls is about an hour and a half away by road.
  • Moonstone mines about half an hour away on the coast road to Galle
  • Cinnamon and cashew plantations also on the coast road to Galle
  • Unique night time scuba diving. Please check with staff for details
  • Lunuganga gardens and iconic country house of the late legendary Sri Lankan architect Geofrey Bawa. Spread over 15 acres this popular destination is a 40 minute drive from Maggona.
  • Sea turtle hatchery and rescue centre is a 15 minute drive from the villa.

All the above are suitable for day trips. But further afield is the Yala National Park. This spectacular forest and wildlife reserve is a sanctuary for a variety of birds and animals. Travel time by road from Maggona is about 3 hours. So a day trip is not ideal. One should plan to spend at least one night at the park.

While travel by road is more convenient, there is also the option to travel by rail. Sri Lankan Railways runs regular services up and down the coast from the train station at Maggona. So, you can travel to most of the above destinations including Galle, Colombo and Yala, by rail.

The North-South railway line hugs the coastline all along its route, so you always have a view of the Indian Ocean. Rail is a popular means of travel for many Sri Lankans. So a great way to experience the country – its people, local cuisine, sights and smells is to take a train journey.

Villa staff will be able to guide you and assist with transport arrangements.