“VM belongs to a new genre of intimate, personalized boutique hotels offering home-style hospitality,” says architect Madhura Prematilleke. “It aims to welcome guests with an unexpected experience of generosity, goodwill and well-being”.
“The architecture which frames this experience strives to be contemporary but homely, elegant but not showy.

The designer of Villa Maggona,
architect Madhura Prematilleke (www.teamarchitrave.com)
won the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects’ Design Award for 2010
for his design of the Villa.

Design Award 2010

The essence of the design is in its verandahs. VM is wrapped by a 30M verandah on the sea side and a Verandah-court on its land side. Each room opens out fully to the main verandah, promoting the ideal of Outdoor living. A 30M pool stretches out parallel to the verandah.

VM encourages its guests to be earth-friendly, using resources carefully. The design of the villa includes:
– Double-screen windows, allowing for natural cross-ventilation and privacy at the same time.
– Skylights that bring in shafts of natural light.
– The use of a Well for water for the pool and garden, and
– A salt-chlorinator for the pool.

Materials are rustic but contemporary – polished concrete floors, wooden shutters, and timber pergolas. VM is cosseted by lush gardens on all sides. The fore-court is thickly and luxuriously vegetated – an immediate oasis-like experience for the guest. The rear garden preserves every single original coconut tree, and includes lush vegetation along the edges – with carefully defined view corridors to the ocean”.